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Composers Collective
21 min readDec 16, 2022


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We, a diverse community of composers, musicians, educators, leaders, and allies, call for action regarding the allegations of a decades-long abuse of women and power by composer Robert Beaser.

While his conduct is being third-party investigated, we call for his immediate placement on administrative leave from the faculty of The Juilliard School. Though we recognize and appreciate the need for due process, the volume of allegations, testimony, and supporting evidence of Beaser’s misconduct are undeniably unsettling. Until the investigation is resolved, Beaser’s presence in the Juilliard composition department could jeopardize the emotional well-being of students and inhibit a safe and healthy learning environment.

When allegations are extensive and documented, as they are in this case, allowing the alleged perpetrator to remain in a position of power and authority risks not only a daily affront to survivors of abuse, harassment, and discrimination; it is also a potential endorsement of immoral, unethical, and bigoted behavior.


Vivian Fung, composer; The Juilliard School BM ’96, MM ’97, DMA ’02, faculty ‘02-’10

Sarah Kirkland Snider, composer and Co-Artistic Director, New Amsterdam Records

Nokuthula Ngwenyama, composer; performer, composer-in-residence, Phoenix Chamber Music Society; president EDI Records and producer/director Peace Mama Productions

Judd Greenstein, composer and Co-Artistic Director, New Amsterdam Records

Tina Tallon, composer; Assistant Professor of AI and the Arts in Composition, University of Florida; Director of Composition, Cortona Sessions for New Music; Radcliffe Fellow ’21; FAAR ‘22

Steven Mackey, William S. Conant Professor of Music, Princeton University; Composition Faculty at Curtis Institute of Music

Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum, composer; The Juilliard School BM ’01, MM ’03, Co-founder VisionIntoArt

Laura Karpman, composer; The Juilliard School MM ’83, DMA ‘85

William Lucas, University of Michigan, Assistant Professor of Music

Angélica Negrón, composer

Marcos Balter, Fritz Reiner Professor of Musical Composition, Columbia University

Beth Meyers, Violist, ESM BM ’00, MM ‘02

Missy Mazzoli, Professor of Composition Bard College and the Mannes School of Music, co-founder Luna Composition Lab

Gabriela Lena Frank, composer and director/founder of the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music

Mary Kouyoumdjian, composer; Assistant Professor of Composition, Boston Conservatory at Berklee; Lecturer of Music, Columbia University; Co-Founder of New Music Gathering

Jenny Bilfield, arts executive, President & CEO Washington Performing Arts

Matt Albert, Associate Professor and Chair of Chamber Music, University of Michigan

Rob Deemer, Professor of Composition, State University of New York at Fredonia; Founder/Director, Institute for Composer Diversity

Suzanne Farrin, The Frayda B. Lindemann Professor of Music at Hunter College and the C.U.N.Y. Graduate Center

Paola Prestini, Composer, BM and MM, The Juilliard School; Artistic Director and Co-founder, National Sawdust

Sam Bergman, musician; Minnesota Orchestra

Jeffrey Zeigler, cellist, Juilliard School String Quartet-in-Residence ’00-’01; Assistant Professor of Chamber Music and Innovation at Frost School of Music; former cellist of the Kronos Quartet

Daniel Bernard Roumain, Associate and Institute Professor, Arizona State University Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts

Dmitri Tymoczko, Professor of Music, Princeton University

Ted Hearne, composer; Associate Professor of Composition, University of Southern California

D. Kevin Dolan, Co-Founder, National Sawdust

Jill Steinberg, Live Performance Photographer and Board President National Sawdust

Jason Treuting, So Percussion, Edward T Cone Performers in Residence Princeton University, Bard College Conservatory of Music

Vanessa Rose, American Composers Forum

Kurt Rohde, musician; Prof. of Music Composition, UC Davis; AD Composers Conference; violist, Left Coast Ensemble

Dan Trueman, Professor and Chair, Department of Music, Princeton University

Elizabeth Madigan Jost, National Sawdust, Board Member

Lance Horne, Juilliard Composition BM ’00 MM ’00 Founder, Mondays Collective

Adam Sliwinski, Co-Artistic Director Sō Percussion

Dalit Warshaw, composer; Adjunct Associate Professor of Composition, Brooklyn College; The Juilliard School M.M. 97, D.M.A. 2003, faculty 2000–2005, 2016 — present

Carolyn Kuan, music director; Hartford Symphony Orchestra

Vijay Iyer, composer-performer, professor, Harvard University Department of Music & Department of African and African American Studies

Kenneth Fuchs, Professor of Musical Composition, University of Connecticut; The Juilliard School MM ’83, DMA ‘88

Joel Phillip Friedman, composer

Nadia Sirota, violist; Juilliard BM ’04 MM ‘06

Tyondai Braxton, composer; Assistant Professor of Music, Princeton University

Annika Socolofsky, composer; Assistant Professor of Composition, University of Colorado Boulder

David T. Little, composer; Chair, Department of Composition, Mannes School of Music — The New School; Artistic Director, Newspeak

Andrea Reinkemeyer, composer; Associate Professor of Music Composition & Theory and Chair of the Department of Music at Linfield University

Timo Andres, composer, pianist; professor of composition, Mannes School of Music, The New School

Kristin Kuster, composer; University of Michigan, Professor of Composition

Ross Karre, Percussionist, International Contemporary Ensemble; Associate Professor of Percussion, Oberlin Conservatory

Limor Tomer, Lulu C and Anthony W Wang General Manager, Dept of Live Arts, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Juilliard BM’82 MM’83

Nico Muhly, composer

Sarah Johnson, The Juilliard School, B.M. ’93 and M.M. ‘97

Roshanne Etezady, composer; Assistant Professor, University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance

Claire Chase, flutist; Professor of the Practice, Harvard University

Rachel Grimes, pianist, composer

Stephen Gorbos, composer; Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Music Theory, Composition, and History at The Catholic University of America

Christopher Cerrone, composer; professor of composition, Mannes School of Music, The New School

Andrew Norman, composer; Composition Faculty, The Juilliard School

Cristina Altamura, pianist and founder of Legacy Arts International and Princeton Piano Arts

Alan Pierson, conductor

Emily Doolittle, composer, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Anthony Cheung, Associate Professor of Music, Brown University

Allison Loggins-Hull, composer, flutist, Daniel R. Lewis composer fellow, The Cleveland Orchestra

Curtis K. Hughes, composer

Dr. Brianna Matzke, pianist; Assistant Professor of Music (Wilmington College), President/CEO (International Foundation for Contemporary Music), Executive Director (Cortona Sessions for New Music), Artistic Director (The Response Project, concert:nova)

Shara Nova, singer / composer

Cristina Spinei, composer; The Juilliard School Pre-College Division ’02, BM ’06, MM ‘08

Katya Lawson, Juilliard Pre-College staff since 1996

Dale Trumbore, composer

John Supko, composer; Associate Professor of Music, Duke University

Hanna Benn, composer/vocalist

Ryan Streber, co-owner Oktaven Audio LLC, Juilliard BM ’01 and MM ’03, Juilliard composition staff ‘05-’12

Gregory Spears, composer; Lecturer of Music, Purchase College Conservatory of Music

Will Mason, Associate Professor of Music Theory and Music Technology, Wheaton College

Reena Esmail, Composer, BM ‘05

John Kennedy, conductor, composer; Spoleto Festival USA

Ana De Archuleta, Managing Director, National Sawdust

Gabriel Kahane, composer & creative chair of Oregon Symphony

Frank J. Oteri, composer and music journalist; Editor, NewMusicBox and composer advocate at New Music USA; Vice President, International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM)

William Brittelle, composer; Co-Artistic Director, New Amsterdam Records; Director, NewAm Composition Lab

Nick DiBerardino, Chair of Composition Studies, Curtis Institute of Music

Laura Elise Schwendinger, composer; Professor of Composition at UW Madison

Yevgeniy Sharlat, composer; Associate Professor, The University of Texas at Austin

Julia Adolphe, composer

Kate Nordstrum, Executive and Artistic Director, Liquid Music

Trudy Chan, pianist/Teamaster, Black Tea Music

The Composition Department, Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University

John Mackey, composer

Milica Paranosic, Composer, Executive Director, Paracademia Center Inc., Juilliard MM composition 1994

Isaac Schankler, composer; Associate Professor of Music, Cal Poly Pomona

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, composer

Judah Adashi, composer; faculty, Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University; founder/artistic director, Evolution Contemporary Music Series and Rise Bmore

Lembit Beecher, composer

Alexandria Temple, Assistant Professor of Composition and Theory, Arizona State Universty

Lara St. John, violinist, label owner, survivor

Steve Hicken, composer and writer

Clare Longendyke, concert pianist; Co-Artistic Director, Music in Bloom Festival

Curt Long, President & CEO, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

J. Andrés Ballesteros, composer; Community Director, White Snake Projects

Aaron Larget-Caplan, Composer and Performer

Cara Kizer, Juilliard MM ’06, Survivor

Paul Lussier, CNN Environmental Counsel

Ben Morris, Assistant Professor of Composition, Stephen F. Austin State University

Daniel Brottman, conductor, pianist, hornist / Eastman ’14, Northwestern ‘16

Hans Thomalla, Northwestern University

Alyssa Weinberg, composer; Faculty at Juilliard Pre-College, Montclair State University and Mannes School of Music

J.J. Peña Aguayo, composer

Darcy James Argue, composer

Tim McAllister, Professor of Music, University of Michigan

Kirsten Volness, composer

Katherine Needleman, oboist

Beth Wiemann, composer; Professor, University of Maine

Griffin Candey, composer, DMA, University of Michigan

Scott McAllister, Professor of Composition, Director of Academic Studies, Baylor University

Josh Trentadue, composer

Steven Bryant, composer

Evan Kahn, principal cello, New Century Chamber Orchestra

Eric Hung, Music of Asian America Research Center / University of Maryland, College Park

Jessie Boyd, hornist; Central Michigan University BM 2017, New England Conservatory MM 2019

Jennifer Wu

Forrest Pierce, professor of composition, University of Kansas

Jake Saunders, Associate Principal Cello at Boise Philharmonic

Joshua Rubin, clarinetist, International Contemporary Ensemble; faculty, The New School

Gabriel Gekoskie, composer

Patricia Wallinga, composer

Sarah Brailey, vocalist; Director of Vocal Studies, The University of Chicago

R. Luke DuBois, Associate Professor of Integrated Design & Media, New York University Tandon School of Engineering

Megan Vinther, composer, educator, and Juilliard parent

Michael Mahler, cellist, Central Michigan University BM 2016, Boston Conservatory of Music MM 2018

James Díaz, composer

Yotam Haber, composer, Associate Professor of Music Composition, UMKC Conservatory

Matthew Salvaggio, conductor

Imani Mosley, PhD, Assistant Professor of Musicology

Meara O’Reilly, composer

Kimberly Osberg, composer

Jason Noble, Assistant Professor of Music, Lehman College (CUNY), and part-time Professor of Music Education, New York University

Aiden K. Feltkamp, Librettist & Equity Specialist

Nicholas Britell, composer

Kenji Bunch, composer; Artistic Director, Fear No Music

Ha-Yang Kim, composer/Cornish College of the Arts

Thomas Flippin, composer/guitarist

Thomas Cabaniss, composer, Music Theory Department & Dance Division, The Juilliard School

Gabriela Martinez, Pianist, Juilliard BM ’05, MM ‘07

Sharon Su, pianist and writer

Kunal Gala, Juilliard Student MM ‘24

Michael Hall, viola, composer, Artistic Director/Founder Bandung Philharmonic, Indonesia, NewMusic Shelf Curator, Chicago

Brian Lauritzen, public radio host

Katherine Pukinskis, composer; Assistant Professor of Composition and Theory, Carnegie Mellon University

Carla P. Cota, PhD, Founder and Director of the Center for orchestrated Teacher Ascent (COTA)

Cloë Shan, orchestra teacher, cellist

Celine Mogielnicki, soprano; The Juilliard School BM ’08, Bard College Conservatory MM ’10, Peabody DMA candidate, Voice faculty- Rome School of Music, Drama and Art at Catholic University of America

Dilon Bryan, freelance hornist

Kathleen Kelly, Baylor University

Misty Tolle Stiffler, BM & MM The Juilliard School (1998,2000)

Scott Lee, Assistant Professor of Composition, University of Florida

Armando Bayolo, composer; Music Director, Ethical Society of St Louis

Jason Freeman, Professor and Chair, School of Music, Georgia Institute of Technology

Seth Brodsky, Associate Professor of Music, University of Chicago

Jaze Matteo Wharton, composer, master’s student at JHU Peabody

Chris Kim, conductor/Occidental College, Cortona Sessions for New Music

John Steinmetz, composer

Ian Dicke, composer; Associate Professor at the University of California, Riverside

Jessica Fulkerson, Ph.D., music theorist & flutist

Leaha Maria Villarreal, composer

Ben Zucker, composer/performer; Vice President, New Music Chicago

Timothy Peterson, composer

Matthew Kennedy, composer ; Assistant Professor of Composition & Theory, Heidelberg University

Alex Freeman, Composer, DMA Juilliard ‘04

Phil Kline, composer

Nebal, composer

Leanna Primiani, composer

Robert Gross, composer and board-certified music therapist

Melody McKiver, composer/violist, Assistant Professor of Indigenous Music — University of Manitoba, Desautels Faculty of Music

inti figgis-vizueta, composer

Ian Power

Emilio D. Miler, Grammy® winning Producer

Rebecca Albers, Principal Viola, Minnesota Orchestra; The Juilliard School BM ’05, MM’07

Joshua Muetzel, composer

Jefferson Friedman, composer; The Juilliard School MM ’01; FAAR ‘03

Todd Meehan, Professor of Percussion, Baylor University

Milo Zimmerman-Bence, composer

Wang Lu, composer and Associate Professor of Music, Brown University

Nicolas Lell Benavides, composer

Matthew Pellegrino, composer, Fulbright Research Fellow 2021

Conrad Tao, musician and composer

Stephanie Ann Boyd, composer, MM New England Conservatory 2015

Katharine Petkovski, composer

Haley Olson, composer; DMA, University of Michigan

Huang Ruo, composer; Composition Faculty, Mannes School of Music — The New School

LJ White, composer; Visiting Assistant Professor of Composition and Music Theory, New College of Florida; former composition student at June in Buffalo

Maya Miro Johnson, interdisciplinary composer-performer

Jane Cho, Arts Administrator; The Juilliard School BM ´99

Beth Morrison, Beth Morrison Projects/ PROTOTYPE Festival/ David Geffen School of Drama at Yale University

Craig McNutt

Shruti Kumar, Juilliard alum, composer, producer, adjunct at NYU Clive Davis Institute

Sidney Chen, musician

David Skidmore, Third Coast Percussion

Cassandra Venaglia, composer & vocalist

Keith Kothman, composer and professor, Western Michigan University

Theresa J. Beckhusen

Hsiu-Ping Patrick Wu, composer, MM22, Longy School of Music

Adah Kaplan, composer, violinist

Kyle Saulnier, composer

Ryan Kelly, conductor; Associate Professor of Practice, The University of Texas at Austin

Theo Trevisan

Melissa Dunphy, composer; faculty, Rutgers University

Greg Evans, musician, presenter, administrator

Adam O’Dell, composer; Doctoral Fellow, The Peabody Institute; Director of Music, First Unitarian Church of Chicago.

Ethan Isaac, composer

Claire Bryant, Assistant Professor of Cello, University of South Carolina; The Juilliard School, MM, ‘05

Kiera Johnson, violinist, flutist

Matthew Schoendorff, composer; Music Faculty, Wayne State University

Marti Epstein, composer, Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory at Berklee

Kevin Laskey, New York University

Bashar Lulua, freelance conductor

Peggy Monastra, music publishing manager / consultant

J. Wesley Flinn, University of Minnesota Morris

Jack Frerer, composer

Amanda Stewart, Associate Principal Trombone, Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra

Michi Wiancko, violinist / composer / Juilliard MM 2001

Daniel Nicolae Dubei, composer, Queens College

Dianna Link, composer

Gregory Hall, composer; Curtis Institute ‘86

Tanner Porter, composer

Aaron Mencher, composer

Jeanine Cowen Professor of Practice, Chair Screen Scoring, Thornton School of Music, University of Southern California

Christopher Buchenholz, Composer BM, MM, The Juilliard School, 1992, 94
Alex Gray (composer, co-founder Cmntx Records)

Clover Nahabedian, composer

Charles Noble, Assistant principal violist, Oregon Symphony

John Kilkenny, Director Sewanee Music Center, Chattanooga Symphony & Opera

Aaron Jay Kernis, composer, Professor of Composition, adj., Yale School of Music

Reilly Spitzfaden, composer

Jenny Beck, composer

Em Singleton

Michael Berkowitz, guitarist / composer

Katelin Coleman, bassoonist, founder and artistic director of Artemis Musicians’ Society, Regina Symphony Orchestra

Michael P. Atkinson, composer/arranger, conductor, hornist

Spencer Winell, composer

Noam Faingold, composer

David Kaplan, Assistant Professor and Inaugural Shapiro Family Chair in Piano Performance at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

David Vickerman, Associate Professor of Music and Director of Bands San José State University

Janet Cowperthwaite, Artist Manager, Non profit Executive Director

Igor Santos, composer

Kayleigh Miller, violist

Elizabeth Gartman, composer/soprano

David Wallace, composer, violist, Chair String Department, Berklee College of Music; The Juilliard School Advanced Certificate ’95, D.M.A. ’99; faculty 2000–2014

Jessica Rudman, Assistant Professor of Composition and Theory, University of Utah

Lauren Zwonik, flutist; Las Vegas Philharmonic; BM SUNY Potsdam, MM WVU, DMA UNLV

Andrew Martin Smith, composer; Senior Adjunct Lecturer (State University of New York at Fredonia); General Manager (Society of Composers, Inc.)

Dr. Patrick Cook, tenor; The Juilliard School BM 2003

Logan Rutledge, Composer, DM Student at Jacobs/IU

Caterina Schembri, Composer

Isaac Roth Blumfield, composer

Ryan McAdams, conductor

Gabriella Di Laccio | Soprano | Founder of Donne, Women in Music
Michael Goodman, Composer

Beryl Diamond Chacon, Violinist, Recording Artist, Music Producer Beryllium Music, Juilliard BM 82

James A. Devor, composer

Pranav Sivakumar, MA Composition student, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Derek Jenkins, composer, Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition, Arkansas State University

Gordon Beeferman, composer/performer, Adjunct faculty, NYU

Murat Eyuboglu, musicologist, filmmaker

Jeff Harrington, composer, Juilliard, M.M., ‘78–79

Gregory Brown, artist manager

Aaron Houston, composer

Edward Klorman, BM 2004 and Graduate Diploma 2008, Juilliard Faculty 2008–16; Associate Professor, McGill University

Alice Jones, flutist, composer; Assistant Dean of Community Engagement and Career Services, The Juilliard School

Zeneba Bowers, Artistic Director Emerita, ALIAS Chamber Ensemble

Ilari Kaila, Composer-in-Residence, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Adam Tendler

Hollie Kenniff, composer

Keith Kenniff, pianist, composer

Caitlin Beare, clarinetist; Assistant Professor of Music, Texas A&M University — Corpus Christi

Spencer Arias, Composer

Adam Ben-David, composer/pianist BM composition ‘96

Kevin Alexander Wilson, Composer, Ethnomusicologist, Kent State University

Eric Nathan, composer, Associate Professor at Brown University

Caroline Davis, musician, composer, Professor of Jazz and Gender at The New School for Jazz

Dameun Maurice Strange, sound artist, writer, composer, Studio Strange

Joshua Barlage, conductor

Joel Rust, Visiting Assistant Professor of Composition, Emory University

Matthew Aucoin, composer

Angela Schroeder, conductor, Professor of Music, University of Alberta-Edmonton AB Canada

Beth Ratay, composer, Artistic Director of the Boston New Music Initiative

Madeline Huss, vocal instructor/St. Croix Preparatory Academy/Peabody Institute ‘18

Frances Richard, former ASCAP Vice President of Concert Music

David Hajdu

Alexandra von der Embse, oboe, Juilliard MM 2020, DMA expected 2025

Mark Zaki, composer/violinist, Professor of Music — Rutgers University

Jennifer Higdon, composer

Zsolt Bognár, Pianist, writer, and executive producer of “Living the Classical Life”

Alexander Lamont Miller, composer and oboist, Grand Rapids Symphony

Stuart Sims, conductor, Professor of Music — California State University, Stanislaus

Nicholas Tran, composer

Eve Beglarian, composer

Isabelle O’Connell, pianist; Piano Faculty and Artist-in-Residence at Bard College

Dallin Taylor, freelance hornist

Laura Colgate, Boulanger Initiative Co-founder and Executive & Artistic Director

Faye MacCalman, composer/performer

Liz Aleksander, Professor of Music, University of Tennessee at Martin

Shuying Li, composer, Assistant Professor, California State University, Sacramento

Garth MacAleavey, Director of Sound and Technical Design, National Sawdust

Katherine Menke, mezzo-soprano

Ruston Ropac, vocalist and composer

John M. Kennedy, composer, Professor of Music Composition, California State University, Los Angeles

Indigo Knecht, composer, DMA, University of Miami

Paul Novak, composer

Jack Curtis Dubowsky. Composer, music editor, music publisher

Iman Habibi, composer and pianist

Keane Southard, composer, pianist

Bryce Dessner, composer

Heather Bentley, violist/composer Kin of the Moon, Cornish College of the Arts

Alexis C. Lamb, composer, DMA, University of Michigan

Mara Gibson, composer and Associate Professor of Composition, Louisiana State University

Clara Lyon, violinist, Juilliard alum, ‘04

Kamala Sankaram, composer

Rachel Krueger, Music Educator

David Rakowski, composer. Walter W. Naumburg Professor of Composition, Brandeis University

Will Yager, double bass

Jessica Meyer, Composer & Violist, BM & MM The Juilliard School

B Newnham

Doug Reneau, 3rd Trumpet, Oregon Symphony; Instructor, Oregon State University

Nina C. Young, composer; Associate Professor, University of Southern California

Rachel Mangold

James Lyon, Professor of Violin, The Pennsylvania State University

Michael Genese, composer

Ria Modak, composer/guitarist/New England Conservatory (M.M) and Harvard College (B.A)

Megan DiGeorgio, composer

Matthew William Langford, composer

Wilfrido Terrazas, flutist, composer; Assistant Professor of Music, UC San Diego

Sarah Williams, Director of New Works & Creative Producer at Opera Philadelphia

Tellef Johnson, composer/filmmaker/pianist MM '01 Juilliard School

Daniel Kellogg

Jay Julio, alum (Viola MM ‘20)

Katia Rumin

Ferdy Buonanno, MD

Samuel Zyman, composer/faculty, Music Theory and Analysis, The Juilliard School; and faculty, Composition and Theory, The Blair School of Music, Vanderbilt University

Erin Busch, Founder and Executive Director of Wildflower Composers

Tracy Mendez, Arts Administrator, BFA '96 The Juilliard School

Carol Lubkowski, music librarian, Wellesley College

Chris Opperman, present-day composer

Tristan Wilson, composer and violist

Nick Norton, composer

Chris M Clark, adjunct, bass, The College of New Jersey

Oswald Huỳnh, composer, American Composers Forum

Stuart Gerber, Professor of Percussion Georgia State University

Hayley Grainger, musician, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Robert Dillon, Third Coast Percussion

Toru Momii, Assistant Professor of Music, Harvard University

Will Healy, composer, M.M. Juilliard 2017

Rebecca Fischer, violinist, Juilliard alum (MM, AD), Violin/Chamber Music faculty, Mannes School of Music, The New School

Benjamin Loeb, DMA ‘98, The Juilliard School

Sarah Gibson, Assistant Professor in Composition/Theory California State University, Long Beach

Geoffrey Deibel, Assistant Professor of Saxophone, Florida State University

S.C. Rice, Assistant Professor of Composition and Music Technology, Penn State School of Music

Jean-Paul Björlin, Juilliard voice BM ’04 MM ’06, Adjunct Lecturer Music Barnard College, singer, voice teacher/coach

Jherek Bischoff, Composer

Alex Canovas, Artistic Director, Young New Yorkers’ Chorus

Sofía Rocha, composer

Kendall Kennison, composer, the Bennett-Harwood Distinguished Professor at Goucher College

Adam Schoenberg, Juilliard mm 2005, DMA 2010, Associate Professor of Composition, Occidental College

Lillian Copeland, oboist and Faculty at Juilliard Pre-College MAP, MSM Pre-College, and Mannes Prep

Eliza Brown, composer and Associate Professor of Music, DePauw University

Mika Godbole, Mobius Percussion and Mantra Percussion

Sydney Braunfeld, Juilliard alum: BM 2008, MM 2010

Darian Donovan Thomas, Composer Performer, Artistic Associate at New Amsterdam Records

Han Lash, Associate Professor of Composition, Indiana University, Jacobs School of Music

Susan Spector, Second Oboist, MET Orchestra

Alicia Erlandson

Paula Harper, Assistant Professor of Music, University of Chicago

Suzanne Sorkin, composer, Associate Professor of Music and Chair, Saint Joseph’s University

Colleen Bernstein, percussionist and Adjunct Professor at William Paterson University (NJ)

Gabriel Cabezas, cellist

Caleb J Abner, composer

Timothy Hagen, flutist/composer

Amanda Feery, composer, Lecturer in Composition, University of Galway, Ireland

Martha Callison Horst, Professor of Composition, Illinois State University

Neil Beckmann, guitarist

Alisha Heng, composer

Claire Bryant, Assistant Professor of Cello, University of South Carolina School of Music, Juilliard MM ‘05

John Popham, cellist and Juilliard MAP Faculty

Alex Sopp

Elizabeth Snodgrass, Director, Wisconsin Union Theater at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Emily Fischbach, violinist

David Friend, pianist

Jamie Drake, percussionist, TorQ Percussion Quartet, Hamilton Children’s Choir

Tonia Ko, composer; Lecturer in Composition, Royal Holloway, University of London

Dr. Alexandra du Bois, active composer/creator of sound, violinist, and Chair: Composition and Theory Department at the Longy School of Music of Bard College; Juilliard MM ’08

Ryan Chase, composer, Assistant Professor of Music, Colgate University

Danielle Buonaiuto

Erin Brophey, Principal Oboe- Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, Sessional Lecturer- University of Saskatchewan

Brian Santero, Trombonist (Copenhagen Phil), Composer, Pre-College 2004–2006

Maggie Parkins, cellist Eclipse Quartet, Professor Pomona College

Aiyana Braun, composer

Joanne Kang, pianist

Colleen Meier, Executive Director, Journey North Opera Company

Matt McBane, composer

Noah Magnus, Composer

Jeffery Meyer, conductor; Director of Orchestras, Arizona State University

Yara Travieso, Director/Choreographer/Juilliard Faculty member

David Schotzko, Artistic Director, Arraymusic; founding percussionist, International Contemporary Ensemble

Douglas Knehans, composer, Norman Dinerstein Professor of Composition Scholar, College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati; Director and Producer, Ablaze Records

Katie Hedrick, composer; WVU BM ’21, UMKC MM ‘23

Becca Schack, composer & songwriter

Miranda Cuckson, violinist; BM, MM, DMA Juilliard; violin faculty Mannes School of Music

Alex Chadwell, composer and teaching artist

Brendan Sweeney, composer

Phong Tran, composer

Julia Bullock, classical singer, A.D. Juilliard class of 2015

Shawn Conley, Bassist, Composer

Ana Ghosh, Retired Parent of SF Girls Chorus Alumnae

Christian Reif, conductor

Robert Vuichard, Composer

Samuel McCoy, conductor

Jennifer Jolley, composer and conductor

David Post, composer

Bobby Ge, composer

Savannah Dillard

Matthew Emery, composer, faculty at the University of Toronto

Lauren Iezzi

Stephen Cabell, Juilliard MM 2010, Visiting Professor of Music Theory, Occidental College

John Yoakum, freelance musician

Xenia St. Charles Iris Llyllyth, composer/performer

Gabrielle Herbst, composer

Kurt Doles, Director, MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music, Bowling Green State University

Michael Schelle, Composer in Residence, School of Music, Butler University, Indianapolis

Jui-Ting Hsu

Frank Felice, Ph.D, Butler University, composer, bassist, electronic musician

Joe Peterson, composer; The Juilliard School BM ‘20

Elisabet Curbelo González, Assistant Professor of Electroacoustic Composition and Theory, University of Utah

Akshaya Avril Tucker, composer

Edwin Outwater, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

David Krivit, presenter, ChamberMusicNY, Inc.

Becca Dora, oboist

Cameron Beauchamp, co-artistic director, Roomful of Teeth

William Osborne, composer

Pat Posey

Jack Herscowitz, composer

Ji hye Jung

Julie-Michelle Manohar, Opera and Music Theory Student

James Baker

Nathan Davis, composer

Kevin McBrien, musicologist

Darin Tysdal Composer, MM Northwestern University 1992, published by Imagine Music Publishing.

Robert Hubbard, Lecturer in Oboe, Stanford University, 1998–2013

Dr. Michelle McQuade Dewhirst, composer, Professor of Music, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Lance Hulme, Associate Professor, North Carolina Central University; Director, à la carte

Jeremy Howard Beck, composer, Juilliard MM 2010

Todd Tarantino, composer

Kyra Davies, violinist

Michael Fiday, Professor of Music Composition, College-Conservatory of Music/University of Cincinnati

Michael Ippolito, composer; Associate Professor, Texas State University; Juilliard MM ’10 DMA’14

Timothy Page, composer, lecturer at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Joshua Harris, Associate Professor of Music, Sweet Briar College

Katherine Parker, Classical Voice Advisor/Coordinator, University of Nevada, Reno

Joanne S. Na, composer

Drew Swatosh, composer and vocalist; Co-founder, Raindrop New Music

Lindsay Mohler, improv instructor, opera singer, musician, composer, and music therapy researcher.

Mikaela Bennett, classical singer, Juilliard BM ‘17

Lucian Baxter, pianist

Isabella Stevenson, composer

Joshua Gordon, Juilliard alumnus BM 1986, MM 1987; cellist, Lydian String Quartet (2002-); Associate Professor of the Practice, Brandeis University (2002-)

Adam Cohen, composer, pianist, MM Juilliard ‘94

Lisa Moore, pianist

El Meyers Treuting, young musician (11) Princeton Middle School

Marianne Parker, concert and collaborative pianist

Clint Needham, Professor of Composition at Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music

Red Wierenga, composer-performer; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Sonic Arts, Brooklyn College

Richard Rischar, Ph.D. historical musicology

Tracy Wiggins, Professor of Percussion, University of North Alabama

Brad Balliett, The Peabody Institute bassoon faculty, Decoda co-Artistic Director

Laura Weiner, hornist, Decoda & Alarm Will Sound

Caitlin Cawley, percussionist

Dylan Willoughby, ASCAP, voting member Recording Academy

Max Grafe, composer; professor, Montclair State University; Juilliard MM ’13, DMA ‘18

Wendy Richman, violist; founding member, International Contemporary Ensemble; lecturer, University of California, Los Angeles, and California State University, Northridge

Alexander Elliott Miller; Composer / Guitarist — Lecturer at California State University Long Beach

Tim Feeney, Performer-Composer Specialization Director, CalArts

Russell Platt, composer; faculty, Vanderbilt University Blair School of Music

Keats Dieffenbach, violinist Juilliard ’04, ’06, ‘19

Adam Greene, composer

Chaya Czernowin, Walter Bigellow Rosen Professor of Music, Harvard university

Thomas B. Yee, composer, Assistant Professor of Instruction at the University of Texas at San Antonio

Martin Bresnick, Composer, Teacher

Mark Dubac, Oregon Symphony/Juilliard BM ‘04

Amanda Davison, educator

Catharine B (CB) White

J Diaz, PhD Student at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

José Delgado, Associate Professor of Theater, Boston Conservatory at Berklee; choir director, conductor, lyricist for Força Choir / SoundtRec Production Company; music director, educator, vocalist, pianist

Linda Dallimore, composer, Yale School of Music MMA ‘21

Francesca Zambello, Artistic Director Washington National Opera, General Director Emerita The Glimmerglass Festival

Eric Moe, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Music, University of Pittsburgh

David Carson Berry, Professor, University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music

Joseph C Phillips Jr, composer

Friede Merz, vocalist, songwriter

Nathaniel Parks, composer; operations manager, Washington Master Chorale

Julius Windisch

Aaron Hynds, tubist, Lecturer of Music Business & New Media, University of Kentucky

Joshua Heaney, Adjunct Professor of saxophone/clarinet at Heidelberg University

George E. Lewis, Edwin H. Case Professor of American Music, Columbia University

Natalie Draper, Assistant Professor at Syracuse University

John Smigielski, percussionist, Liminal Space Ensemble

Nicolas Scherzinger, Associate Professor Syracuse University

Raquel Acevedo Klein, conductor / vocalist / composer

Amy Kawa Posner, Attorney, Juilliard B.Mus. ‘01

Erik Heine, PhD, Professor of Music Theory, Oklahoma City University

Ben Smith

Loren Loiacono, composer, Assistant Teaching Professor, Syracuse University

Susan Feder, arts advocate

Gemma Peacocke, composer

John Flannery

Lauren Williams, class of 2016

Stephen Lias, Professor of Composition, Stephen F. Austin State University; Founder and Director of Composing in the Wilderness

Emily Johnson, director Emily Johnson/Catalyst

Ezra Calvino, Orchestral Conducting faculty at Bowling Green State University

Adrienne Kim, pianist, educator. Mannes College of Music and Manhattan School of Music

Paula Mlyn; a440; Record Promotion/Project Development

Christopher Gordon Forbes, composer MM 1986

Hyunsub Shin, composer — commons vincero

Pablo O’Connell, Oboist, Juilliard BM ’20 MM ‘22

Amy Williams, composer/pianist, Professor of Music, University of Pittsburgh

Salvador Ruiz

Jennifer Kessler, Executive Director, International Contemporary Ensemble

Kennedy Taylor Dixon, composer

Julia Conrad, music writer

Rose Ritter, MT-BC

Milton Salazar, Percussionist

Bärli Nugent, staff and faculty, The Juilliard School

Robert Honstein, Composer, Director of Concert Composition, Dept. of Music & Performing Arts Professions, NYU Steinhardt

Daniel Davis

Moose Davis, educator/performer/programmer

Joshua Stamper, composer

Daniel Myers, percussionist

Johnny Barker

Mary Ellen Poole, Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University

Mathew Rosenblum, composer, Professor of Composition, University of Pittsburgh

Sarah Boyle, composer and educator

Kevin Zetina, Percussionist/Composer, Yale School of Music MMA 21' MM 20'


Brendan Stock, musician

Luis Escareño, composer

Charlene Romano, Flutist, Studio Owner, and Adjunct Associate Professor and Area Coordinator of Applied Musicianship, Shenandoah Conservatory

Sophia Luong

Bryan Curt Kostors, composer; composition department chair, University of Montana

Jacob Cooper, composer; Associate Professor of Music, West Chester University

Kay Rhie, Assistant Professor of Composition/UCLA

Rose Hegele, Soprano

Taurin Barrera, Executive Director of Technology and Applied Composition, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Ryan Wilson, performance

Kendra Preston Leonard, Silent Film Sound & Music Archive & librettist

Camilla Tassi

Gregory Wanamaker, Professor of Composition, The Crane School of Music

Gabrielle Cornish, Assistant Professor of Musicology, University of Miami’s Frost School of Music

Steven Swartz, composer, Founder DOTDOTDOTMUSIC

Matthew Levy, Executive/Co-Artistic Director and founding tenor saxophonist, PRISM Quartet

Evan Johnson

Sean Charles

Zizi Mueller, Independent Consultant, former President, Boosey & Hawkes

Laura Kaminsky, composer

Graham Viegut, percussionist

Noah Riek, Composer

Michael Shun, Resident Artist (Composition), University of New Hampshire

RR Sigel

David Blumberg, Clarinetist (Soloist/Clinician/Lecturer) founder/head of 29,000 member Facebook “Clarinetists” group

Marilyn Bliss, composer, President of New York Women Composers, Inc.

Alex Richard, freelance performer

Griffin Seuter

McKenna Blenk, percussionist

Eris DeJarnett, composer-performer; Adjunct Faculty, Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Shelley Washington, composer

Neal Endicott, Composer and Lecturer or Music Theory and Composition; East Tennessee State University

Albert Pariz

Molly Herron, Assistant Professor of Composition and Theory, Vanderbilt University Blair School of Music

Matteo Neri, Composer, PhD Rutgers University

Pascal Le Boeuf, composer, pianist; Assistant Professor of Practice of Music & Technology, Vanderbilt University

Maria Finkelmeier

Justin Bunting, Director of Percussion, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Jimmy Stagnitti

Ryan Gaertner

Johnny Gandelsman

Kathy Tagg, pianist, composer, producer

Paul Frucht, Juilliard Composition M.M ’13 D.M.A ‘18

Robert Gates, composer

Elaine Fine, 1980 Juilliard graduate, composer, violist, violinist

David Krakauer, clarinetist, composer, bandleader. Juilliard MM ‘80

Dr. Lisa Neher, mezzo-soprano, composer, coach

Karl Henry, Cellist, Oberlin Conservatory ’19, current New England Conservatory Masters Student

Phillip Golub, composer, pianist

Lawson White, producer

Joanna Chen, percussionist and engineer

Kenny Wellington, Junior apprentice of the Washington Music Orchestra Association

Christian Hertzog, critic, keyboardist, composer, co-founder San Diego New Music

Maeve Whelan, violist

David Kempers

Zeena Parkins, Mills College at Northeastern University

Lowell Liebermann, composer BM, MM, DMA The Juilliard School

Kevin Norton

Lauren Bernofsky, composer

Robert Gibson, Professor, University of Maryland, College Park

Ted Babcock, composer and percussionist

Tracy Silverman, violinist; Juilliard Class of 1980

James Parker, Professor, University of Toronto; MMus ’87, DMA ’91, Juilliard

Ashley Mania, Bassoonist and Early Instrumentalist, Bowling Green State University BM ’21, Certificate ’22, Current MM

Brian Kavolius-Matherne

Mariah Stadel, bassoonist

Sheree Clement, composer, DMA Columbia 1984

David Carleton

Ed Osborn, Associate Professor of Music and Visual Art, Brown University

Michael Maione, emeritus professor, Juilliard

Jessica Harper

Louis Levitt

Pamela Cabrera, parent of a former student

Kayla Cabrera, Juilliard Alum/Violist

Robert Waters, Professor of Professional Practice in Violin, Utah State University

Yumi Oshima, Composer, Violist, Violinist Juilliard Graduate

Movses Pogossian, Professor of Violin, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

Isabel Hagen, viola, Juilliard BM ’13 MM ‘15

Kristen Engelbert, teacher

Rozanne Puleo, mother of youth orchestra member

Beth Houston, music educator

Mason Riedel

Jennifer Walker, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Musicology, West Virginia University

Evelyn Wadkins, cellist

Jeremy C. Young, BA ’06 music composition, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Jen Shyu, composer-performer, co-director/co-founder of Mutual Mentorship for Musicians, Stanford University ‘00

Carolyn Quick, composer, soprano, and lyricist; Co-founder, Persisting Sound, Co-founder, Raindrop New Music

Yoon Chung, pianist, Teaching Associate, Brown University; Adjunct Faculty, Providence College

Alexander Wallace

Seth Cluett, composer and Director of the Computer Music Center at Columbia University

Derek Kealii Polischuk, Professor of Piano, Michigan State University

Zach Manzi, BM ’15 The Juilliard School

Elizabeth Brown, composer and performer

Evan C. Paul, pianist/composer

JoAnne Harris, composer

Dominik Belavy, vocalist, The Juilliard School, BM ’17, MM ‘19

David Crowell

Andy Akiho, composer

Matana Roberts, Composer, Sound Artist

Courtney Evans

Ravi Kittappa, composer, founder and curator of Permutations, Faculty in Music and Sonic Arts, Portland Community College

Em (Emzie) Roberts, composer

Eliza Bangert, flutist and orchestra librarian

Matthew Kajcienski, composer

Spencer Topel, composer

Max Friedman

Marc Gerstein, professor emeritus University of Toledo

Lisbeth Carreno, Oregon Symphony violinist

Gloria Cheng, pianist, Adjunct Professor of Contemporary Performance Practice, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

Rick Baitz, Composer. BM, MM Manhattan School of Music; DMA Columbia. Faculty, Juilliard Extension & Vermont College of Fine Arts; Director, BMI’s “Composing For The Screen”

Fiona Gehrke, (14) young composer/ pianist/harpist

Jeffrey Milarsky, Conductor, Faculty - The Juilliard School, Senior Lecturer in Music Columbia University

Daniel Felsenfeld, Composer, Juilliard Faculty (Pre-College, Extension Division, Music Advancement Program); Lead Teaching Artist, New York Philharmonic

Theodore Shapiro, composer; The Juilliard School MM ‘95

Janet Cowperthwaite, artist manager, arts executive

Jill Strominger, New Music USA

Elijah Spies, violist

Joogwang Lim, composer

Eric Segerstrom, M.S. student of electrical engineering at RPI and former student of Robert Beaser, BM Juilliard 2015

Raia Michaela Davies, guitarist; former faculty, Frost School of Music

Dylan Murawski

Tamar Diesendruck, Composer, Professor, Composition Department, Berklee College of Music

Anne LeBaron, Professor of Music Composition, CalArts

Douglas J. Cuomo, composer

Jake Ingbar, singer

Clive Rubin, Free-lance Journalist.

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